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About Us

About Us

Company History

CEO DR.Maher Al Debsawi Kitcherama is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality kitchen equipment for Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Butcheries, Villas and Palaces. And has been certified by ISO Organization ( ISO ME/06/1093 – 9001:2008).

The company has a multinational workforce of skilled Technician and Engineers, and uses some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment and tools in the region to offer a comprehensive service. The company also undertakes specialized assignment.

Kitcherama offers a range of products including Cooking range, Shawarma Machines, Fryers, Grills, Refrigeration Line, Tables, Sinks, Salad Bars, Kitchen Exhaust Hoods, Stainless steel Shelving Units, Hot amp; Cold Bain Marie and more for all applications.

Kitcherama has achieved the best quality products and expanded the product line opened KITCHERAMA Show-Room in Dubai. We also have the pleasure to have good partners who have a wide range of products from Italy, Spain and others.

Kitcherama recently have started to pay special attention to standards and started some line of them such as Cooking Line 900 Series and 700 Series with Cookers, Fryers and Fry tops in Gas and Electric with Hi-quality and most advanced spare parts from well known Italian brands, also a line of refrigerators to cover both sectors Hot and Cold.

With this move, Kitcherama have covered three main important sections which are Neutrals, Cooling Line (Refrigeration), Hot line (Cooking Equipment and Heated service line).

So now Kitcherama have divided the work to their Both Factories. Standard Lines to be in one factory and a special made as per customer requirements and specification in another factory.


  • To provide useful and environmental friendly equipments to the society.
  • To continue giving good quality and services.
  • To keep the satisfaction of our customers in terms of quality products and services.


To become one of the best manufacturers in the Middle East with high quality and best price.

Our Showrooms

The large Showrooms provide customers with an opportunity to see and test products for themselves. The Sales team is always there to give the advice and recommendations.

Our Our Showrooms Our Our Showrooms Our Our Showrooms

Our Factories and Stores

Kitcherama is proud to have Two Factories, one based in Sharjah and other based in Dubai and dividing the work between the factories. So Sharjah do the un-standard items as per the customer requirements and specification, but Dubai handles all the standard Lines. Hot and cold lines.

Our Factories and Stores Our Factories and Stores Our Factories and Stores Our Factories and Stores Our Factories and Stores Our Factories and Stores

Address Address:

UAE - Sharjah
Al Wahda Street Bldg. No. 181, P.O. Box : 23354, Sharjah, UAE

Telephone Telephone:

Sharjah Show Room
Tel. :+971 (6) 532-3884
Fax : +971 (6) 532-3883

Dubai Show Room
Tel. :+971 (4) 263-5995
Fax : +971 (4) 263-5996


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